Prins (2020) TidløsPopFormat: Single

Kaia Höl (2020) Chasing Sunsets out 20th of MarchIndie Pop, Alt-Pop, Lofi PopFormat: Single

Wilhelmina (2020) Sugar, Honey, SpicePopFormat: Single

RWND (2019) 21 NightsBalladFormat: Single

RWND (2019) Man With The MoneyPopFormat: Single

Wilhelmina (2019) Aim To PleasePopFormat: Single

Hazel (2019) Behind The HillsRnBFormat: Album

Wilhelmina (2019) Be MinePopFormat: Single

Scott Davies (2019) All Of My LoveEDMFormat: Single

Hazel (2019) Hollywood HillsBalladFormat: Single

RWND (2019) Left BehindEDMFormat: Single

Hazel (2019) Tell Me If I'm WrongRnBFormat: Single

Mari Hajem (2019) Breaking All The IceIndie/popFormat: Single

Prins (2019) Nei, så tjukk du har blittEDMFormat: Single

Kaia Höl (2019) DinosaurIndie/popFormat: Single

Hazel (2019) DaylightRnb/popFormat: Single

Mari Hajem (2019) MessIndie/popFormat: Single

RWND (2019) Surface PerfectPop/EDMFormat: Single

Kaia Höl (2019) I woke up this wayIndieFormat: Single

Kaia Höl (2018) My Body KnowsIndieFormat: Single

Kaia Höl (2018) Rock SolidElectronic - DowntempoFormat: Single

Mari Hajem (2018) StoryIndiePopFormat: Single

Kaia Höl (2018) Unique (A Cheater´s Aftertaste)IndieFormat: Single

Mari Hajem (2018) Fly AwaypopFormat: Single

Prins (2018) Ut mot havetpopFormat: Single

Kaia Höl (2018) MountainsDream popFormat: Single

RWND (2018) Livingpop/EDMFormat: Single

Caroline Høier (2018) The way I doPop/EDMFormat: Single

Caroline Høier (2018) DemonsEDMFormat: Single

Caroline Høier (2017) Won't Let You DownEDMFormat: Single

RWND (2017) StoriesPopFormat: Single

Caroline Høier (2017) OceanIndiePopFormat: Single

RWND (2017) Let's Rewind (remix by Ask Lars)PopFormat: Single

RWND (2017) Let's RewindPopFormat: Single

RWND (2017) Won't Give UpPopFormat: Single

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