DemonsCaroline Høier

Released: 2018 Genre: EDM Format: Single

This song is a strong depiction of how she experienced her father before committing suicide.

These days there is a lot of focus on mental health. In the tough time after her father's death, Caroline has written songs as therapy. Caroline wants to speak up with such a personal song that can "hit" people who have experienced the same. She wanted to create a "mysterious" feeling in the song, which she and the producer Magnus Grøndahl have acquired in a striking way. This is a song you can sit and listen to alone, and a song you can dig into the layers. Saw syntheses that are intruiging and the verses are gloomy and a bit creepy to set the mood. The pads create a lounge feel and the guitars are creating imbalance and chaos. The vocal is hovering and packed with delay and reverb.

Caroline Høier – Demons
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